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Hi – I am Marjo, your guide to the marvelous Finnish nature. I am the founder of Luontovire, a small nature-based tourism company here in Hankasalmi, Central Finland. I am a passionate nature lover, and I am excited to share that passion with you. Nature is an important part of my life, and I want others to be able to experience its beauty and calming effect, too. 

LuontoVire is based in the same hoods where I was born and raised, and where I have later started my own family. I have walked thousands of miles in these forests, and I know the area like the back of my hand. Here, the neighbors’ lights don’t flash in my eyes, I can hear the sounds of nature, I can see the footprints left by animals and the stars of the darkening sky.

Now, I want to share my own experiences – the breathtaking scenery of my home and the calming power of nature – with you. You can marvel at the scenery from Lumous Forest Hut, dip in a refreshing lake after warming up in the sauna, and of course, enjoy the surrounding forests in a little hike on your own or together with me. 

They say that my cheerful and immediate being also catches on to the people around me, which creates a very special atmosphere for LuontoVire tours. How exciting are the big trees, angular rocks, breathtaking views from above, and the variety of plants, shapes and colors. Come with me to marvel at all this and find “Luontovire” – the energizing vibes of the nature!


– Forest Hut

Lumous Forest Hut is located in Hankasalmi, Central Finland. Surrounded by the forest, Lumous provides a unique experience and a feeling of privacy. Through a panorama window, you can admire breath-taking views of pine forest and clear-watered lake in front of you. In winter, all this is decorated with a white cover. Lumous is the starting point for your hiking tours, which can be done independently or with a guide of Luontovire. After hiking, relax your muscles in a lakeside sauna and enjoy some supper by the campfire. As the day turns into night, close your eyes while listening to the birds singing outside.

Lumous accommodates 2 people in twin beds. Lighting and phone charging with solar power, biofuel heating, no running water. Drinking water provided in the hut. The hut has a dry toilet with an entrance from the porch. You can wash yourself in the nearby sauna by heating water in a fireplace and using a bucket and a scoop. We will advise you with everything when checking in.

The facilities include bed linen, towels, tableware for two and basic cooking utensils. Accommodation also includes the use of lakeside sauna and supplies for evening snack and breakfast, which can be prepared in a private outdoor fireplace. Next to the sauna, there is also an outdoor cooking shelter with a gas stove and fridge available. For winter they will be moved to the sauna dressing room.

Fridge is not in use in winter due to limited availability of solar power, food is provided in a cool bag.


– A cozy cabin in the heart of nature

Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and relax in the charming atmosphere of Tunnelmatupa. Located in the arms of cliffs, on the shore of a beautiful lake, this cozy cabin is the perfect place to unwind and reconnect with nature. Enjoy the charming atmosphere, bathe in the soft heat of Patina sauna and refresh yourself in Haukilampi lake.

The spacious cabin of 80 m² has a living room with fireplace, kitchen and one bedroom. The cabin accommodates max 6 people. The cabin is powered by solar energy and battery lighting, and heated by two stoves and a fireplace. Drinking water is brought to the cabin for the guests. For other purposes, the water can be carried from the lake. There is a dry toilet in the outdoor building.

Tunnelmatupa also has its own old sauna in a separate building. This 19th-century Patina sauna originally served as a mill. The sauna and wash water are heated with wood. The sauna is just 15 meters from the shore, with a pier and a rowboat. The beach is excellent for swimming and is suitable for children. The sun shines on the beach all day long.

The cabin is surrounded by stunning natural beauty, including a lake, cliffs and forests. It offers peace and quiet, and is perfect for hiking, exercising, and relaxing in nature. By the cabin, there is also a scenic cliff with a barbecue-/campfire area and a beautiful lake view – perfect for enjoying a meal and watching the sunset.

Lumous Forest Hut – full-service nature experience

    Experience the Finnish nature and lifestyle with all your senses! In Lumous Forest Hut, you can admire breath-taking lake views and feel complete privacy. This full-service package will guide you to the most Finnish forms of relaxation – nature and sauna.

    The package includes:

    • 1-night accommodation in Lumous Forest Hut for 2
    • a guided nature tour with a light meal by the campfire (2 h)
    • a private sauna
    • light supper and breakfast supplies

    With the guidance of Marjo from LuontoVire, you will be led to the pathless routes of the nearby forests, where you can calm down by listening to the relaxing sounds of nature and admiring the local flora and fauna. The tour will end with a light meal prepared on the campfire, which includes herbal carrot soup and potato flatbreads, as well as traditional Finnish crepes as a dessert. Cooking these crepes called “lettu” on the open fire is a fun activity to take part on! 

    After some fresh air, sauna is a perfect way to end the day. The sauna will be heated up for you, or if you wish, you can participate in heating the wood-stove sauna and carrying the washing water from the lake. The sauna is in your private use. Washing with clean, heated lake water. Birch twigs included. Supper supplies include sausage, which can be cooked in the sauna stove while bathing. At the end of the day, it is lovely to fall asleep under the setting midnight sun or a thousand shining stars.

    Please note that in Lumous Forest Hut, there is a dry toilet and no running water.

    Nature Tours

    LuontoVire provides tailor-made nature tours to the pathless routes and hidden gems of Hankasalmi, where the route maps do not guide you. Tours are available for both groups and individuals on request. From time to time, there are also open themed tours to admire the full moon, or to try skiing with wooden skis in the untouched, snowy forest. For groups, a sauna and meals can be packaged for the tours. Do not hesitate to contact me – let’s plan your dream day in nature!



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